Audio Equipment and Technicians


Whether you're needing a high quality professional sound system for a crowd of 20,000 people, or a grunty PA to hit the road on a concert tour, we have the solution for you. Our range of audio equipment enables us to provide the right system for your event.

Quality for Your Audience

We understand that a well-run sound system is critically important for your event to connect well with the audience, so we are uncompromising when it comes to quality - both of equipment and our technicians.

With our high end systems we plan in meticulously detail each piece of equipment, so that from microphone to speakers, and every piece of equipment in between, there is no compromise on quality.  For an event organiser, this means peace of mind that the right result will be delivered.

Our Equipment

We offer a range of sound systems, up to our largest system - the JBL Vertec system, which includes:

JBL Vertec VT4887A compact line array elements

JBL Vertec VT4880A arrayable subwoofers with 2269H Ultra Long Excursion

Crown I-Tech amplifiers

Yamaha consoles, with Dante enabled, like the CL5, LS9 and PM5d

Shure Microphones

Sennheiser wireless microphones


Read about how we implemented this system for the TSB Bank Fireworks Spectacular:  HarmanPro article or Pro Sound Web article

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